Sharing stories has always been a way for Indigenous people to commune with spirits, minds and hearts in a manner that encourages others to listen and transform. Our core philosophy of Empowerment through the Arts is kind and gentle way to speak to our personal truths and express them in a collaborative and healing environment.  By sharing stories we can let go of the past and re-dream our future.

“The Arts are the gentlest way to soul speak”

- Artistic Director Columpa C. Bobb

UITC facilitates collaboration with Indigenous Artists locally, nationally and internationally to share their artistic practice with youth and community in accordance with the world views of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island. 


For thousands of years the Arts have been a way for Indigenous peoples to connect with the spirits, minds and hearts of our communities; through song, dance, storytelling, crafting and ceremony we encourage ourselves and others to learn, heal and transform. This is the gift we share with the world.


The removal of barriers to promote empowerment and healing.


UITC abides by the sacred circle of humanity and the human rights code; while freeing ourselves of racism and all forms of discrimination; through maintenance of the laws of our ancestors in their high standards of kindness, sharing, and respect; we uphold the principle of exploring the stories of our lives as education, empowerment and ceremony.